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Choose the appropriate version below. If you have any questions, post a comment at the bottom of this page and we will try and answer as soon as possible. Your questions may also help others.

QuiltFusion Quilt Design Software

Version 1.73

Windows 7/8/10

Download QuiltFusion for Windows

Here are some screen shots that will help you through the installation process.

Click the download link to the left. When the download completes, you may be presented with a warning…


Click the down arrow to the right of the discard button, and select “keep”


Now that it is safe, you can click the “QuiltFusion.exe” to install. You will get a few more warnings. OpenFile

Select “Run”.


Keep the defaults and select “Continue”.


Finally QuiltFusion will run! Whenever you need to run QuiltFusion again, simply find the program icon on your desktop.


Here are some screen shots that will help you through the installation process.

Click the Download QuiltFusion for Mac button to the left.


It will load into your Download Folder. Click Downloads and then click the QuiltFusion.dmg icon.


It should create a folder with “Install QuiltFusion.” Try double clicking the icon. You may get a warning like the one below.


We are working on this… in the mean time, click “OK” and then hold the Control button down and click once on the “Install QuiltFusion” icon (or “right click” the icon), and then select “Open”. You should get a slightly different window below.


Now click “Open”. And you should be able to install from here.

If you have any other problems, click the “Problems” tab above or post comments below and we will try and answer promptly.

If you are having problems installing quilt fusion, below are some solutions to common hang ups.

Adobe Air version is out of date:


You may get an error like this on either a Mac or a PC. Sometimes you have to install Adobe Air manually. It’s not hard, but you will have to go Adobe to get it and install it first.

  1. Get Adobe Air, follow Adobe’s install instructions.
  2. Now that it’s installed, try installing QuiltFusion from the downloaded .exe or .dmg, but double clicking on the icon

    Mac Install QuiltFusion

    Windows .exe may still be available in your Downloads folder or at the bottom of the browser.

    Windows .exe may still be available in your Downloads folder or at the bottom of the browser.


  1. sandra  - June 11, 2016 - 2:01 am
    Reply /

    The quilts I’ve seen so far are amazing and I’d love to try my hand at designing some of my own

    • UncleGravy  - June 24, 2016 - 12:11 pm
      Reply /

      Hi Sandra, did you get a chance to try the quilt design software yet? Would love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Elizabeth  - November 12, 2016 - 4:26 pm
    Reply /

    Hi, Uncle Gravy, I downloaded Adobe Air but your app still won’t open. I have a MAC OS Sierra Version 10.12.1

  3. Elizabeth  - November 12, 2016 - 4:32 pm
    Reply /

    Never mind. got it. But when I registered didn’t get my 16 free gems

    • UncleGravy  - November 12, 2016 - 6:35 pm
      Reply /

      Hi Elizabeth, I just checked your account and see the gems are now credited. Try shutting down the app and restarting it and see if the Gem balance shows 16 now.

  4. Carolyn  - January 21, 2017 - 4:16 am
    Reply /

    Hi there, I just registered as well, and also not receive the 16 free gems. Perhaps I’m not doing something correctly??

  5. Carolyn  - January 21, 2017 - 4:43 am
    Reply /

    Gems have been found!! Thanks.

    • UncleGravy  - January 23, 2017 - 1:37 pm
      Reply /

      Awesome! Sometimes closing the app and opening it again will make them appear faster. Let me know if there is anything else we can do to help!

  6. Sarnia  - March 18, 2017 - 4:35 am
    Reply /

    Downloaded successfully, can’t wait to try it out!

  7. Patricia Fournier  - April 14, 2017 - 12:40 pm
    Reply /

    Hi I am unable to register an account. I have tried and it does not give a reason why. Any special requirements for the password maybe?

  8. CaleanWsh  - May 21, 2017 - 11:09 pm
    Reply /

    Hi –
    I just downloaded your program for my computer (Win10) and the gems didn’t show up. How do I get them to show up? I have registered the program.

    • keith2 phillips2  - May 21, 2017 - 11:43 pm
      Reply /

      Hi there! I just manually credited your account, you may be need to restore the app to see the credit. Let me know if that works,



  9. Donna  - August 13, 2017 - 2:34 pm
    Reply /

    I double click on the Install folder and get the message “Install QuiltFusion” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer. I am on a MaOS Sierra 10.12.6

    • Uncle Gravy  - August 13, 2017 - 7:15 pm
      Reply /

      This is a security feature on a mac. To override your security settings and open the app anyway:

      1. In the Finder, locate the app you want to open.
        Don’t use Launchpad to do this. Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu.
      2. Press the Control key, then click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.
      3. Click Open.
      4. The app is saved as an exception to your security settings, and you can open it in the future by double-clicking it just as you can any registered app.

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