Two New Quilt Patterns Coming in November!

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I am very excited to share these two quilts with you! They will be making their debut in Hoffman California Fabric‘s booth at this Fall’s International Quilt Market in Houston. The team at Hoffman really out did themselves this year with the new line of batik fabrics – top to bottom, from design team to marketing team hustle. I have always loved working with them. So, before I tell you about these quilts, I want to let you know:

Collaboration is at the heart of what I do. With that in mind, I have put all the appliques and motifs used in these quilts in the QuiltFusion library.

They are available to design with NOW!

Even before the patterns are released! Keep in mind the fabrics used in these quilts will not be available in quilt shops until early next year (they are not in the fabric library yet). So you are designing with fresh appliques and an exclusive look at the new fabrics.

Ok… onto the quilts…


The Pagoda Sisters quilt is a mash up of many things, but at the outset I wanted to mix Russian Folk composition with an Oriental color scheme and aesthetic. Once I saw Cindi McCracken’s gorgeous line of chops from Hoffman, I knew how to proceed. I started sketching Matryoshka dolls (folk nesting dolls) for this quilt, along with tile motifs somewhat inspired by William Morris tapestries. Once the line drawings were complete, my trusty partner in crime collaborated with me on the color scheme. Gina has a wonderfully accurate eye for color and her bold decision with the border fabrics was on point. Truth be told, I originally had a rather neutral boring border mocked up. Looking back it was completely lifeless compared to the one Gina chose.

This is a more complex pattern than most of what we have put out, and I don’t suggest it for beginners. Intermediate quilters – it will stretch your limits slightly, but don’t worry, it follows the same simple process all of our quilts use. I shot video along the way as well. That will be available later in November to help you as well.


Sew True was actually designed before Pagoda Sisters. The objective at first was to showcase some of the new fabrics that will be included in Hoffman’s blender lines. They have added new 1384s (mottles) 885s (dots) along with their newest chops. The inspiration should be obvious – Alphonse Mucha! I have always loved the Art Nouveau period and wanted something that obviously tipped my hat to the greats, while also bringing in something original and fresh.

Our daughter posed as the reference model for this quilt. Inside joke – is her middle name is True, so the quilt’s title “Sew True” is literally what I did lol! The birds were originally modeled after Pine Siskins, but as fabrics were chosen, I got pretty liberal with the color choices.

Both of these quilts were mostly cut using my digital cutter – and those SVG cutting files will be included with all patterns. I did decide to fussy cut a fair number of pieces, especially the Pagoda Sisters gold fish and the hair in Sew True. This helped speed the process greatly, and I really suggest it for these quilts. Just don’t rely on it entirely. Also keep in mind these quilts were made/designed with fabrics that were released at Fall 2016 Quilt Market. So they may not be available in stores until early next year.

Thanks for reading!



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