janome-edgeArtistic Edge Fabric Cutting Instructions!

All patterns generated now include SVG cutting files compatible with Janome’s Artistic Edge! No need to trace and cut!

Each pattern generated will contain a link to download your custom SVG file for your quilt design. General instruction below or click here for more info on cutting fabric with your Artistic Edge.


  • Inside your PDF pattern is a button labeled “Cutting Files” that links to a zip file.
  • Save the and extract all the SVG files to your desktop.
    • The pieces are grouped by fabric. There is a separate SVG for each fabric, some fabrics may have more than one cutting file if there are a lot of pieces.
  • Open SimpleCut, Creative Drawings or the cutting application for your device.
  • Open “Create New”.
  • Only select “Cut”.
  • Find the SVG file for the fabric you plan on cutting.
  • NOTE: SVG pieces are NOT reversed. This is opposite of how they are in the pattern tracing guide – where they are reversed because you are tracing them. With the cutting files, they are not reversed because you cut them with the fusible(glue) side down. 
  • Re-arrange the pieces for most economical use of fabric and to fit on your cutting mat.
  • Select All and make note of the size of fabric you will need to cut all the pieces.
  • Select All Pieces and go to “Cutter Presets” and select “Fabric with Terial Magic”
  • Prep your fabric and export to your cutter.


  • Use a fresh blade, and use it only for fabric.
  • Spray your fabric with Terial Magic and iron. This is like a starch, but the fabric will be a lot stiffer, making it easier to cut. Check out this video on YouTube.
  • Fuse the fusible to the backside of the fabric.
  • Remove the paper backing from the fabric and lay it glue side down (glue side to the sticky side of the cutting mat)
  • This means the pieces should NOT be reversed. We don’t reverse our SVG files.
  • Smooth out the fabric on mat and make sure it is really stuck. If your mat looses stick-ability, spray it with some basting spray.
  • Use the fabric cutting setting and do a “double cut”
  • Only cut a sheet of 12×12 size or smaller if possible. The longer the fabric is stuck to the mat, the more it loses stick and will pull up. If you try and use the full 12×24 mat, the last pieces will probably be a nightmare.

The real key is having your fabric be stiff, and making sure it’s well stuck to the matt so it doesn’t pull up.



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