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Someone else asked in a PM if I would do a tutorial on how I broke down the QAYG method for Wee Sea (and also works for One World). I will take more photos during the process of making my next quilt and post a tutorial eventually. But here is the gist of how I did this one.

First I watched a half dozen youtube videos on QAYG lol!

After watching the above posts… I then broke Wee Sea down this way… and at the very bottom is the diagram if you are a visual learner like me.

The center block – I sewed the left and right sashing on the block first. Then layered batting (no backing) and free motion quilted that block. Then for blocks 2-5 I sewed their borders on (thin dotted lines in the diagram), and then sewed block 2 to block three… quilted those together. Sewed block 4 to block 5 and quilted those. For the top and bottom blocks (6 & 7) I sewed the top and bottom sashing on them before quilting.

Then I sewed those all those blocks together. Pressed the seams open each time I sewed one assembly to another – make sure to use a 100% cotton batting. Pressing the seams open really helps reduce the bulk which was my main concern.

Once the main blocks are all assembled and quilted (nothing has backing fabric on it yet), I then sewed on the inner and outer borders. Flipped the quilt over (top down) and layed strips of batting to cover the border areas, butting the batting against the already quilted blocks. I used some fusible tape to help hold those butted batting seams together, but looking back I don’t really think I needed it. Then spray basted the backing fabric over the entire quilt.

Stitched in the ditch of all the blocks/sashing. Then did some free motion quilting on the borders which was easy cause the bulk of the quilt is outside the machine.

In the diagram below, the thin dotted lines show seams I sewed before quilting. The thick dotted lines are seams where quilted blocks were sewn to each other.


Happy to answer any other questions if this isn’t clear. Whoever came up with the QAYG method is a life saver!!! I love being able to quilt smaller blocks in my machine and it really helps break up the process and I feel like I really accomplished something we each block quilted. Thank you who ever you are!


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