Quilting members will receive a downloadable pattern for one block on the 15th day of each month starting on September 15, 2016.

The PDF pattern will include a full color photo of the block, a complete set of instructions, fabric quantities, full-size appliqué templates, a fusing guide, and svg files so you can cut the appliqué pieces with a digital cutter. The pattern also comes with fabric descriptions and identification numbers so that you can get the fabric that was used in the quilt in the photo.

Each block has been designed so that it can be completed as a stand-alone project or combined with the other blocks in the quilt along to make the One World quilt. No need to re-size appliqué pieces or wonder how these pieces are combined into the block – it’s all taken care of for you in the One World quilt along, just download the patterns each month and you’re ready to start creating this amazing project.

When you become a Quilting member you’ll get a free subscription to QuiltFusion, the software created by Keith, which was used to design the One World quilt. QuiltFusion is an application (Mac, PC and iPad compatible) with pre-defined designs that can be moved around, resized and reoriented in infinite ways to design a fusible web appliqué pattern. Then, and here is the best part, the computer creates the instructions and the templates automatically for you. You can be as creative as you want to be and try as many different designs as you can think of while the computer does the heavy lifting of calculating fabric requirements, compiling instructions and creating the templates. QuiltFusion is easy to use and complex in what it creates for you.

Choose the Quilting option and receive a free subscription to QuiltFusion (a $140.00 US value) for the duration of the quilt along so that you can experience the creative freedom that the app brings to pattern design. You may even decide to modify the One Word quilt patterns to add your own unique perspective to the quilt during the quilt along.

There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that is true then we think a video is work a million. That is why we have created instructional videos for each block to demonstrate how to complete the quilt. There will be videos demonstrating how to use the QuiltFusion software and also a number of quilting tips and tricks videos to help you complete the project efficiently. All members, both Quilters and Viewers, will have access to an exclusive YouTube channel where they can view these videos free of charge during the quilt along. Become a Quilter and quilt along with Keith and Kim. You can re-watch any parts of the videos you want, whenever you want.

Does anyone really like to quilt alone? We sure don’t, so we are harnessing the power of social media to allow our members, both Quilters and Viewers, to interact with us, and each other, as we work on our One World projects. You may have questions as you quilt along with us, so there is an exclusive Facebook group where you can share your experiences, ask questions and show your progress during the quilt along. We’ve created a Pinterest Board for you to post your blocks and quilt creations for us all to admire.

Order a fabric kit and create the One World quilt as shown in the photo.

Quilting members can order a fabric kit for the quilt (either the original design or your own creation developed in QuiltFusion) with a click of a button. QuiltFusion compiles the fabric requirements and sends an order to Batiks Plus who will label the fabric and mail it to you. While some may lament the loss of an opportunity to go fabric shopping, this is definitely the easiest way to get the fabric you need for the quilt.

If you don’t want to purchase the quilt kit, no problem: you can create the One World quilt by using fabrics in your stash. once you’ve signed up as a Quilter to the One World quilt along, you’ll have access to a handy guide that will help you choose the appropriate fabrics for each block.

Note: fabric kits do not include batting, binding or backing fabrics.

If you don’t want to commit to the whole quilt along you can still participate for free. Choose this Viewing option and you get access to:

  • instructional videos available on the exclusive Youtube channel
  • access to the private Facebook group page
  • access to the Pinterest board

You won’t receive the block patterns, the svg files nor a subscription to Quilt Fusion (a $140.00 US value).

If, at any time, you decide to participate in the quilt along, you can sign up as a Quilter and join the rest of us as we quilt together.

Combined Fabric List

Click-A-Kit – Add all these fabrics to a BatiksPlus shopping cart. For all blocks and complete kit border

If you would like a block-by-block fabric list, click here for the PDF

885-536-Aquarius 2 yards
840-271-Parakeet 8″ x 21″ piece or a fat-quarter
885-207-Sea-Breeze 13″ x 19″ piece or a fat-quarter
1895-226-Seaholly 21″ x 38″ piece or 2/3 yard
1895-383-Pesto 14″ x 27″ piece or 1/2 yard
1895-554-Treetop 14″ x 37″ piece or 1/2 yard
1895-227-Sprout 3″ x 7″ piece or a fat-eighth
1895-80-Taupe 7″ x 18″ piece or a fat-eighth
1895-4-Black 5″ x 18″ piece or a fat-eighth
L2634-51-Chestnut 11″ x 38″ piece or 1/3 yard
L2634-115-Grass 8″ x 20″ piece or a fat-quarter
J2364-106-Celery 1 yard
1895-253-Havana 6″ x 17″ piece or a fat-eighth
1384-105-Celadon 1 yard
1895-318-Robin 9″ x 18″ piece or a fat-eighth
1895-1-Azure 14″ x 15″ piece or a fat-quarter
1895-603-Election-Day 8″ x 17″ piece or a fat-eighth
M2727-149-Sun 10″ x 18″ piece or a fat-eighth
1895-228-Viola 9″ x 17″ piece or a fat-eighth
839-224-Poppy 2″ x 9″ piece or a fat-eighth
1895-222-Hydrangea 18″ x 40″ piece or 2/3 yard
1895-173-Smoke 17″ x 22″ piece or a fat-quarter
1895-315-Chameleon 11″ x 17″ piece or a fat-eighth
L2663-413-Watercress 12″ x 21″ piece or a fat-quarter
1895-211-Green-Tea 10″ x 21″ piece or a fat-quarter
L2661-4-Black 19″ x 37″ piece or 2/3 yard
1895-491-Taffy 7″ x 13″ piece or a fat-eighth
1384-183-Glacier 15″ x 29″ piece or 1/2 yard
1895-307-Snow 5″ x 14″ piece or a fat-eighth
1895-462-Dewdrop 2″ x 10″ piece or a fat-eighth
1895-84-Wheat 2″ x 4″ piece or a fat-eighth

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