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Free art quilt pattern


The Finished Free Quilt Pattern

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What is QuiltFusion?

QuiltFusion software makes it easy to generate patterns of custom art quilt designs. Our process using the fusible applique method, and all patterns include detailed yardage, cutting and assembly instructions. Applique templates are provided, along with SVG cutting files that you can use to cut fabric with your digital cutter. Our fusing guides are full sized. You will not need to blow up or enlarge. Simply tape the 8 1/2″ sheets of paper together to layout the full sized guide.

The pattern you are about to enjoy was designed and generated using QuiltFusion. You can download and install on your iPad for free!

Collaborate with other quilters!

  • Use designs in the gallery as a starting point for your own quilt!
  • Share your designs with friends and other quilters!
  • Let others collaborate with you on a design!

We have provided some videos to help you create your QuiltFusion quilt. You can view them on our website here.

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susan from MT ordered
Winter Home Quilt - Downloadable PDF !