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Designing quilt patterns is one way to inspire creativity and share knowledge of your craft with others. This same philosophy has always been a cornerstone in the quilting community – working together, sharing ideas and passing on the tradition. A year and a half-ago we created an app, QuiltFusion, that allows quilters to easily design quilts and automatically generate patterns that could be shared with others. This has business has morphed into designing and offering quilt patterns for sale and more!

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. Simple and easy tools allow quilters to share their designs with each other – not just share, but collaborate on the designs! A quilter can share their design in the gallery and other quilters can load that quilt into the editor to customize and make it their own.

We now offer select patterns for sale to local quilt shops. For more information click here.

Keith Phillips

“I’m always amazed when I look back at the last 20 years of being an artist. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with so many amazingly creative people in so many different artistic mediums. Prior to starting QuiltFusion, I was a both a working potter and freelance artist in the textile industry. For 14 years, I worked behind the scenes in the industry doing the necessary grunt work of concept art, fabric design and laying up patterns. As a potter, I produced an abundance of functional pottery that makes me happy to think is still in use today.

QuiltFusion has given me the opportunity to collaborate with even more people – you especially! I love drawing new subject matter for the scene library, knowing these will be the building blocks of your next quilt. Our quilt patterns are also a collaboration between Gina and I. We brainstorm ideas together and her sense of color is a great compliment to the drawings and compositions we create with fabric. We truly enjoy producing these quilts alongside those you create with the QuiltFusion software.”

Gina Phillips

“I am Gina, Keith’s wife and other half of QuiltFusion. I’ve always been pretty crafty and I enjoy being creative and working with all the beautiful fabrics. Incorporating them into a beautiful quilt for the patterns is so exciting!  I do mostly the back end stuff, operations.  Packing, assembling product and customer service, etc.  as well as working and collaborating with Keith.

We have two beautiful teenagers that we are most proud of.  I was raised in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. Keith and I met in college and have lived all over the U.S. including Montana, Philiadelphia and Los Angeles. I am happy to call Asheville, North Carolina our home and the office of QuiltFusion.”

Who is Uncle Gravy?

Everyone needs a muse… Uncle Gravy is ours.




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