• Generate quilt patterns from your custom designs.
  • Step-by-step Instructions
  • Full-sized appliqué tracing and fusing guides
  • All patterns come with SVG cutting file for digital cutters like Janome’s Artistic Edge.
  • Click-A-Kit fabric kits through BatiksPlus.


New Quilt Patterns

You can now purchase appliqué quilt patterns designed by Uncle Gravy & Friends! No iPad necessary, all patterns are in PDF format and available for immediate download. Since they are generated using QuiltFusion, you also get SVG cutting files for your digital cutter with each pattern at no extra cost!

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Free Download for Apple iPad
QuiltFusion is free to download. Design & collaborate on amazing fusble applique art quilts!

All fabric and libraries are unlocked and available to design with. You don’t pay anything until you want to print your pattern.

Free Quilt Pattern Fridays!

How great are the patterns generated with QuiltFusion? You can find out for free, you don’t even need an iPad! Sign up for Free Quilt Pattern Fridays and get a fresh and free quilt pattern emailed to you every Friday.

QuiltFusion is quilt design software. The easiest way to design and make your own art quilt!

  • QuiltFusion is Art Quilt Design software for the iPad.
  • Patterns generated by QuiltFusion are simple and precise – the best in the industry!
  • Features a library of appliqué artwork from licensed artists!
  • Design using a hundreds of current Bali batik fabrics!
  • Print your pattern – full size!
  • Step-by-Step instructions specifically for your design!
  • Free with each pattern!!
    • SVG Cutting files for digital cutters!
    • Click-A-Kit one click links to order fabrics for your design.

Collaborate with other quilters!

  • Need and idea? Customize any design in the Quilt Gallery!
  • Use designs in the gallery as a starting point for your own quilt!
  • Share your designs with friends and other quilters!
  • Let others collaborate with you on a design!

Video of QuiltFusion
Ready to make your quilt? View our other quilting videos here!


19" x 19"
The Finished Free Quilt Pattern
Designed using Quilt Fusion

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